Subscribe in bulk

I moved some people from Suitedash to Brevo and some got on the unsubscribed list. Is there a way to move them to subscribed without doing it one by one? I hope someone sees this today, I need to get an email out. Thanks.

Brevo staff, can I give you the list and get help importing « opted in » Subscribers from another platform? Happy to show you screenshots from Suitedash.

Hi @appcrazee , what you could do:

  • select the contacts you want to change
  • click on Edit

  • then choose the attribute to edit

You’ll get all details on this article:

That would be great but I do not see an ATTRIBUTE for SUBSCRIPTIONS. What am I missing here? I want to subscribe them to email campaigns. That’s not an option on my screen.

Hi @appcrazee , my bad: I checked again, and indeed I could not find any easy solutions to subscribe customers in bulk, except via API, unfortunately