The problem with tagging

I moved to Brevo from Active Campaign and imported contacts with different tags. Now I am trying to separate contacts that has tag « Valmennus » but the software collects other people too, who has the same words in their tags, for example this contact who has these Disengaged,Eipostiavalmennus,Subscribed

What could be wrong? Should I try to find it differently?

If I try to find it Tags is equal to « Valmennus » there is 0 contacts with that

Hi @MiikaSoronen , thanks for posting on this community!

Unfortunately, we don’t support tags for the moment, but:

  • we’re working on it: this is a need that a few customers have expressed, we want to offer a possibility to tag contacts, definitely
  • in the meantime, you can rely on contact attributes: I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but maybe it could be helpful to you?

For how long does it take to get those? Otherwise I think I gotta go back to ActiveCampaign

ma 17. kesäk. 2024 klo 13.13 Alexandre Hudavert via Brevo Community ( kirjoitti: