WooCommerce Order Fees

I am attempting to create WooCommerce Order Notification emails in Brevo via the Brevo WooCommerce Plug-in. I can’t figure out how to display WooCommerce Order Fees in the email template.

Has anybody figured out how to display order fees?

Thanks @ShakesMcQuakes , what do you mean by order fees? Which parameter is it in the event that you’re receiving from the tracker?

What I mean by Order Fees is the WooCommerce Order Fees Items « get_fees() ». I add a credit card processing fee to my orders and would like that printed out in the email. I looked through the Brevo plugin code and don’t see any reference to the WooCommerce Order Fees only shipping, billing, items, order totals, nothing referring to the get_fees().

Fees in WooCommerce are separate from Order Items as they are not linked to products in the WooCommerce database. Some stores may add multiple fees to orders depending on certain order criteria.

Is there a way for me to find the full payload data that is being sent from my woo commerce site to Brevo? To see if there is more data being included than what is hinted at in the help articles. I am unsure what the Fees parameter would be in the event data as I don’t see it in the event data logs in my Brevo account.

Hi @ShakesMCQuakes you are correct we do not send order fees from the plugin and do not offer such a placeholder for the order confirmation template yet.

I see that « get_fees() » returns a collection of individual fees in WooCommerce. How would you like to use this date in your mailing? Is a sum of all fees as ORDER_FEE sufficient or do you want a html render of a table listing fees similar to the ORDER_PRODUCTS value?

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Here is a list of all currently supported placeholders for WooCommerce order confirmation template:


These should be all listed here: https://help.brevo.com/hc/en-us/articles/209840305-WooCommerce-plugin-Create-an-order-confirmation-email-to-send-through-WooCommerce already.

The Plugin does not send any other data you could use in the template yet.

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Hi @Fibo ,

For my use case, listing the fees similar to the Order_Products value would be preferred. I also use WooCommerce for invoicing and quoting of services that don’t require a specific product record in woocommerce, so listing them out is a requirement for me.

Essentially, I treat order fees as one-off products.

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Thanks for the insight @ShakesMcQuakes !

I have already prepared the backend for this addition.
The required plugin update with ORDER_FEES data in the payload may be release only after Blackfriday though.
If you are willing to try out a pre-release plugin.zip, i can share it next week probably.

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Thank you @Fibo for making this improvement so quickly.

I will surely give the pre-release plugin.zip a try and see what I can accomplish with my email templates.

From version 4.0.6 on everyone can now use the {ORDER_FEES} placeholder in the order confirmation template.


Thanks Fibo for the quick fix

by the way all the social links at the end of the text on this page are broken :

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