Accidental blocklisting

I blocklisted 366 contacts when importing. That didnt happen on purpose. Any way to undo it and bring the contacts as active to platform?

From older topics with the same question it seems you’ll have to delete them and resubscribe them.

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Thank you

ti 2. heinäk. 2024 klo 16.31 Stijn via Brevo Community ( kirjoitti:

Do you know any way to segment only the blocklisted? For some reason I dont find the way

ti 2. heinäk. 2024 klo 17.02 Miika Soronen ( kirjoitti:

Hi @MiikaSoronen , yes absolutely: similarly to how you can segment on bounces, you can segment on blocklisted contacts:

Yes. I have about 8000 blocklisted people on my list. I would like to move them to another list (and delete them from the list where they are now) Is there a way to do that (instead of moving them 100 by 100)

ti 2. heinäk. 2024 klo 19.10 Alexandre Hudavert via Brevo Community ( kirjoitti:

Thanks @MiikaSoronen . You can’t resubscribe them by bulk, but you can move them to another list, like this:

  • go to the list
  • select the contacts you want to move
  • click on « Assign to list »
  • and select them again from list 1, and click on « delete from list(s) »

More details here: