Account Suspended

I’m getting this message: ‹ Your campaigns are currently suspended due to an issue with recent activity on your account (purchases, campaigns, or contact uploads). Please click here to contact our Customer Care team for more information and help reactivating your campaigns. › I sent an email, but received no response.

Please, can you help clarify what is causing this? I am a new user and am scheduled to send my first campaign out this Sunday. I need urgent help on this.

Hi @anishlal ,

This can happen for different reasons:

  • you imported a lot of contacts in one go, triggering one of our security alerts
  • you sent a campaign and the deliverability indicators are not good enough, putting at risk our reputation score, leading us to suspend the campaign and sometimes your account as well

When an account is suspended, the best is to contact our support team like you did, so that they can investigate, check and possibly reactivate your account.

I can recommend two articles that will give you more details: