Events not getting detected in automation workflow

Hi Team,

I added Brevo tag to the head of my website.
In the body, I added scripts for page & tracklink.
However, none of the events are showing up in the dropdown in the automation platform.
Have I missed any step? Can you please help me resolve the issue?

Hi @RGK , thanks for posting on this community!

If you wish to test if the tracker is installed correctly, you can check the logs: Login - Brevo

When you say none of the events: for example, which events were you expecting to see? trackpage for instance?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I was hoping to see trackpage. Please see the screenshot that shows that the page events are logged in correctly, however, I do not see them in the dropdown.

@RGK from what I see, I feel the page visits (= trackpage) are not coming in the logs. What is the website you’re using?

The website is :

I checked, and indeed I can see the tracker’s snippet on your page.

I would advise to contact Brevo support for this