Many Attributes and Ifs statements -> leading to stuck editor

I’m migrating a one click feedback feature from mailchimp of my flow.

The Template
I’ve 6 products (product 1, product 2, … product 6), each one of them with 10 links. Each Links uses attributes 4 times in the HREF (to specify which product, which Quarter and which Rating is given to the product).
Product 2 to 6 only show up if they are present ({% if contact.MENTEENAM6 %}).
All of the above to say that there is « a lot » of templating.

Debug info
It seems that the editor goes CRAZY and totally stuck, trying to template live all of the {{ contact.ABC }} into ABC button.
When it doesn’t try to render the attributes (like this URL Login - Brevo) everything is ok.
When it tries to render (like Template Editor) it gets super stuck very often (30-60secs). Eventually is unstuck, but after a few seconds, it will get stuck again.

I’ve a feeling that the underlying engine with the Regex is might be ~somewhat~ inefficient, causing getting stuck.

Possible solutions?
Could you please add some feature to disable UI rendering? As a person familiar with templating, the rendering part only makes it much more cumbersome, hard to copy, and also stuck.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can complete my migration?

The 99% CPU usually means that it is CPU bound on some very expensive for loop/regex loop

This is NOT a transactional email (I don’t have a backend, and I want to use this in automation). I cannot change the flow, since it would be a major endeavour. Once I’m out the editor, everything works perfectly

Hi @MarsJack , thanks for this post.
What you mean is that your browser gets stuck, right? The workflow in itself is working well, right?

Yes correct, the workflow is correct, the browser gets stuck (regardless of chrome/firefox/safari)