Move workflow steps within automation

Would it be possible to « move » workflow steps from one item to another in an existing automation? Background: I would like to add an if/else query to an existing automation and the existing steps are now inserted at « YES », but I need all steps at « NO ».
Now I have to rebuild all the individual steps.

If it were not possible: This would be a feature request, as this actually happens to me quite often when I want to extend an existing automation :wink:

Hi @thwld , thanks for posting on this community!

Cc-ing @sylvain here as well.
I am not sure it is possible. Though, you can easily duplicate a workflow; I understand it’s not exactly what you’re asking for, maybe it can still help you?

no, that’s useless for my case, because I want to move objects within the automation. Are there any plans to update/enhance the automation UI? Move, drag-n-drop, etc.?
Do you have a public roadmap?

If I’m not wrong, being able to move steps is on the roadmap indeed, but as I’m not an expert and not entirely sure of this, I’ll let @sylvain confirm.