With an if/else statement do I

With an if/else statement, do I need to add a new if/else for each new step in the workflow? Say the 3rd step is an if/else, and I select the YES path, will it always check for that condition (on a certain list) for the remaining steps of that path? Thank you.

Hi @appcrazee ,

I am not sure I get what you mean: if you put an if / else statement, every time a contact reaches this step, the condition will be checked:

  • if the contact meets the condition, it will go to the « Yes » branch
  • otherwise it will go to the « No » branch

So in your example, if the contact is in the list « GLA Members », then the contact won’t receive the email « Have you looked at GLA? ». Does this help?

I’m referring to ALL the additional steps after the Yes / No step. I don’t know how to say it other than the way my original question posed it. :confused:

Ok I see.
In your case, what will happen is:

  • if the contact is part of the « GLA Members » list, she will follow ALL the steps on the Yes branch
  • otherwise she will follow ALL the steps on the No branch

Does this help?

Ok, and if she moves off that GLA Members list, will she move to the NO branch, or just stop receiving anything on that automation. I appreciate you helping me understand this.

You’re welcome!

I understand your question better, thanks for the details. What will happen is:

  • when contact arrives on the « If / Else » step: we check if the contact corresponds to the condition or not at that point of time
  • then contact goes to the Yes or to the No branch

What happens next is not taken into account: the check is done when contact arrives at this step at this exact point of time, but then the check is not passed again.

Does this answer your question?