Will new Automation editor have "Go to another step"?


The old editor has « Go to another stem » and « Start another workflow »

Will they be added back?

Thank you

Hi @MarsJack , thanks for your post.

I hope so, actually I count on it as well. I know it’s in Beta for the moment, meaning it’s being improved week after week, and the objective is to have the same set of features (and even a better one) at one point of time.

That’s a wonderful news!

If I may, a feature we would be very interested in are “recurring triggers based on date”

Eg we have an admission process, and we have to send reminders. But the reminders have to stop at the deadline (eg septmeber 1).
So on September 1 we would like to automatically tag a list of emails with DeadlinePassed) so they get out of the reminder loop they are in.

Second example. Imagine we want to add to an automation all people joining the list 4 months before Christmas, and then send them an email up until Christmas.

Now the only way I could find to do it this seems manually, which is a little inconvenient

Thank you!!