Only sending 1 email a year to around 20.000 contacts how to deal spamrates etc?

We have a database of 20.000 subscribers who signed up for a lawsuit. Due to the long processes when doing strategic litigation we only update them around once a year. it is hard to test unengaged contacts in that light and also people might unsubscribe cause they no longer want to be part of the lawsuit or forgot about it. Does this mean that Brevo (or any other competitor) is actually not a good option for this usecase?

Hi @Santi , thanks for posting on this community!

Indeed, you’re risking to have a lot of unsubscriptions of soft bounces, which is not good for emailing tools like Brevo or its competitors.

I guessed you already tested a sending and realized you had too many bounces?

Jup. Just wondering what people that only wnat to sent out 1 / 2 mails a year with large audiences are supposed to do then.

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