QR code generation

I use this platform to send out emails for letting people know about a small networking event and ask them to register. The registration process works just fine.

I am wondering, if there is a way to add a QR code to the name at the registration, which could be used later during the check in process.

Hi @iwc , thanks for posting on this community!

Could you give more details about how you would use the QR code: would it be a link to the registration form?


Yes. I set up the registration form with a link in my campaign. When they fill out the registration form, they get a confirmation letter. (so far this is what I was able to set up). The extra that I would like to have is that the QR code would be linked/included/attached to this confirmation page. Then, when the event is, I could just scan their QR code which would immediately let me know who showed up at the meeting.

Ok I see, thanks. What about this:

  • once form is filled in
  • you send a confirmation email
  • and in this email, you include your QR code
    Could that fit your need?

Yes. This is exactly what I would like to have. Of course a further improvement would be if I could scan the list back directly into Brevo.

Thank you for considering my concern!

Ok perfect. Then I think you can do it, even though it is not natively supported by Brevo:

  • you create your link
  • you convert it to a QR code generator (you’ll easily find one on the web)
  • and you include this QR code image in your confirmation email

=> could that work for you?

Yes, I could. However, I have 90+ names, and in this case, I have to create a code to each name and then copy it to the confirmation mail. This is a ton of work. How can I automate this process?

Hmmm ok I see. Indeed, you can’t do this manually!

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a feature like this in Brevo :confused: