Setting profile photo in sender email

Is it possible to set a profile photo for the sender email address that email recipients will see? This is a built-in feature with email service providers like Gmail. I know some services use the profile image from Gravatar as long as the email address in the Gravatar account is the same. I did some Googling and couldn’t find anything in Brevo’s documentation about this, but I set up a Gravatar account and image just in case. It looks like it is successfully pulling the profile photo for my account on this community forum, but I sent a couple test emails and the profile image isn’t showing up the recipient’s email client. But I created the Gravatar account today, so maybe it takes a day or two for the settings to propagate? Has anyone successfully gotten an email profile photo configured?

Thanks @shannon for posting on this community!
@Olivier_Beorchia maybe you know?


Whether a profile photo will be displayed in your recipients’ inboxes depends on their email client.
If your email address is hosted by something like G Suite, you should log into Gmail and upload your profile photo from within your settings.

On my side, my profile photo is set in my Gmail account level.
When I send a newsletter, my avatar/photo appears next to my name.

Is your profile photo updated in your account?
Maybe you need to wait until you see it.

On the Brevo side, I don’t think we have a parameter for that photo.
It should be set up/managed on the email/inbox account profile.