Sign up form URL ID changes on each update, causing embedded iframe to require manual update

I noticed that the Brevo sign up form URLs contain a very long ID, that changes on every form update (and even if you don’t change anything in the end, such as setting a parameter from A to B then back to A).

To avoid sharing the very long URL I embedded the form on my website.

To avoid changing the form on every update I chose the iframe over manual HTML insertion, so it directly fetches the form from Brevo.

However, since the URL keeps changing, I still need to update the iframe to change the URL part, defeating the purpose of dynamic content fetching.

Is there a way I can get a stable URL for my sign up form (even if it redirects to a longer URL), as with other services like Mailchimp (which also use an ID, but much shorter and stable, so I can share them safely and be sure it will point to the last form version).

Hi @huulong , thanks for posting on this community!

Actually, when you update a form, Brevo indeed changes the URL. Though, if it’s a minor change, you can still continue to use the old URL: after 2h, the new version will be displayed, even with the old URL.

If it’s a bigger change (like changing a field in the form, for example from an EMAIL field to a PHONE field, or adding a captcha), you would need to change the iframe

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the clarification! That’s much better to iterate on the form labels then!

I wonder if adding a new group/list is a minor or major change though. I’ll check it next time I add a new group!

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