Two forms on one Wordpress page


I want two use two different Brevo forms via html embed on one Wordpress page.

When I fill in the 2nd form and try to submit, the first form gives an error for required emailaddress.

It’s about the page

Hi @Sebastiaan ,

Indeed, I tried as well, and it did not work. I am afraid it does not work because the javascript calls the same scripts and checks the same form fields. Let me check this internally

I confirm, unfortunately this is not working for the moment. We are investigating this.
I’m adding @Mohit in the loop, so that he can follow this topic as well.

@Sebastiaan you can consider using the iframe embed option, which should function for multiple forms on the same page. Meanwhile, we’ll make an improvement to support two HTML-based forms on the same page.


Is there already an update about using two forms on one page?

I have it working on my site. I changed the button from:

<input type="submit" class="sib-default-btn" value="Subscribe">


<button style="border: none;color: #ffffff;background-color: #074973" type="submit" class="elementor-button elementor-size-xs" id="signup1">SIGN UP</button>

The key part is putting unique id names in each form. I show my styling here for demo purposes only…it is not required in your form.

Another note – this was created with the WP plugin. I didn’t use the form, which may work differently.

Hope this helps!

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I don’t understand how to add the id names. They need to correspond with something in Brevo I presume.

Short answer is that you can use any name as long as each id is unique within each form on the page. I used id=« signup1 » on my first form, and id=« signup2 » on the second. In forms, the id signals that the specific button is tied to the data in that form.

You can Google « HTML id Attribute » for the official specifics. There are a lot of other suggestions and examples that may help you see how to apply this in your use case.