Single email sending & unsubscribe

For marketing, I send email one by one, as I found customer arround the internet. I don’t work with sending list. I’m actually using OVH email pro which works very fine, however I need to add a « please don’t contact me anymore/unsubscribe » link at the bottom to be compliant with e-Privay european law. How can I do that ?

Hello @christodeus , thanks for posting on this community!
Copying @Mohit here, this is a topic of interest for him too.

In this article you’ll find all details for inserting an unsubscription link in your campaigns, and it works the same for transaction emails (emails one by one):

Can you please have a look, and tell me if it answers your question?

Hello @ahudavert

Is it possible for the user to unsubscribe from a conversation email?

I am not an expert, but @christodeus I think emails from conversations are the same as the ones you would send from your own email, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc… So I don’t think it’s possible, but adding @qlambert here, maybe he knows more than I do

Hello @christodeus,

It is not possible to unsubscribe from an 1-to-1 email (meaning emails sent directly from your provider or Conversations). I just gave your more info in my answer to this post.


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