What happens to the statistic when adding an A/B Testing to an Automation

I want to add A/B Testing conditions to an existing automation, in order to improve my clickrate.

Currently I have existing stats in my automation, how my email is doing (open rate, click rate, etc) but what is going to happen with that statistic if I replace the existing email with 2 other mails for my A/B test.

I don’t want to loose the whole statistic. But simultaneously, I want to be able to compare the 2 new different emails compared to the previous one too. What should I do? Create a new automation separately?

Hi @aed , thanks for posting on this community!

I think the best way to go would be:

I think that this way you would be able to compare the stats. What do you think?

Thanks, I pretty much went with the duplication.
The down side is, I cannot have an automatic combined statistics over the both periods but its better than loosing all values.

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