Why are so many emails being deferred?

I am sending around 1000 emails per day. As I go forward the amount of emails that shows up as deferred is going way up. What causes this?

Hi @jgardner , thanks for posting on this community!

By deferred you mean they’re not sent on the date you would like them to be sent? Or are they not sent at all?

On my report; at the bottom right there is a column for deferred. Its right next to « complained »

Ok thanks. I see here what deferred means:

  • Deferred: the transactional email is in Standby Reception and can be received later (e.g. full inbox)

Meaning that for some of your recipients, the email is in standby mode.

I checked your account, it seems like for older campaigns, you don’t have deferred emails any more, so maybe is it just a matter of a few days before all your recipients receive the email?