"Context" in Automations

I am wondering if there is a kind « context » that i could work with in an automation. I’d like to achieve to following:

  • send an email (start of the automation) with a certain individual document
  • after 3 days send a reminder to upgrade the given document into a more valueable document (by payment)

For this workflow to work i need the context of this specific workflow instance as a customer might have received several documents and i need to know which one upgrade.

So to save the document id as user attribute doesn’t seem to be appropriate as there can be several valid documents to upgrade.

Any idea how to solve this with brevo?

Best, Thomas

Hi @teichsta , thanks for posting on this community!

So if I get it well:

  • each contact has a few documents
  • for contact 1, document 1 could need an upgrade
  • but for contact 2, document 2 could need an upgrade, and document 3 as well
  • so for each contact you need to store which document(s) should be upgraded, right?

If yes, indeed the user attribute can’t work well.
This reminds me a bit of this use case with teams and sports, even if it’s a bit different: More than one contact entry, same email address

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this. Maybe another community member can help?

As well, I’m adding @AntoineAuriol in this thread, as this might be of interest to him too

it’s eben worse :wink:

For each automation instance (so each mail i send to contact 1) he get’s different documents 1_1, 1_2 and 1_3 … it might be that customer 1 reacts on the second automation instance sending document 1_2 to upgrade it.

So it would be great if each automation carries it’s own variables (references) which could the automation refer to while it is walking through the automation steps.

Best, Thomas