How to find out contacts with status bounced?

Hi folks,

I would like to select all contacts with status bounced or such to analyse the issues and, possibly, reactivate it. But I do not see this option in Brevo. What am I missing or overseeing?

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Hi @Wojciech , thanks for posting on this community!

There is a simple way to do that, by creating a segment of your contacts:

  • go this page: Brevo
  • click on « Add a filter »
  • type « Bounce »
    and you’ll be able to choose your criteria, see this screenshot:

Once you’ll have set up your filters, you’ll see which contacts correspond to them :tada:

PS: if you want to know more about segments, you’ll find more details here:

Thank you a lot, this was very helpfull, I can do stuff, I have to do. All the best to you.


Hi Wojciech
I am a Zapier Expert so I can solve your problem through my experience so here are the following steps:
If you’re looking to select all contacts with a status of « bounced » or similar in Brevo using Zapier, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Zap:
  • Log in to your Zapier account.
  • Click on « Make a Zap » to create a new Zap.
  1. Trigger Event:
  • Choose a trigger app that corresponds to where your contacts are stored. For example, if your contacts are in a CRM, select the CRM app as the trigger.
  1. Select Trigger Event:
  • Choose a trigger event that signifies a change in contact status. This might be an event like « New Contact » or « Contact Updated. »
  1. Connect Your Account:
  • Connect your Brevo account to Zapier. Follow the prompts to provide the necessary authorization.
  1. Set Up Trigger Conditions:
  • Configure the trigger conditions to filter contacts based on their status. This might involve setting up a filter to only trigger when the contact status is « bounced » or similar.
  1. Test the Trigger:
  • Test the trigger to ensure it’s correctly capturing contacts with the specified status.
  1. Action Event:
  • Choose an action app where you want to perform the next steps. For example, you might want to send an email or create a task in another app.
  1. Connect Your Action Account:
  • Connect the account for the app you selected in the action step.
  1. Set Up Action:
  • Configure the action step to perform the desired action on the selected contacts. This could involve sending an email to notify you of bounced contacts or creating a task to reactivate them.
  1. Test the Zap:
  • Test the entire Zap to ensure that contacts with the specified status trigger the desired action.
  1. Turn On the Zap:
  • Once you’re satisfied with the testing, turn on the Zap to start automating the process.

Hope your problem will be solve with this help, if you have more queries about Zapier you can ask any question without hesitation.
Celvin Klassen
Zapier Expert

Thanks @CelvinKlassen .
This is indeed another solution, but it seems quite complex compared to just applying a filter directly on Brevo, no?