I can't create automation with template's activity (template click and open)

This is how I want to automate my workflow.

  1. Person subscribes to my form.
  2. Send welcome email to that person.
  3. Now I will use If/ Conditioning to branch the automation.
    If the person click the link in welcome email, I want to send thank you email.
    If the person doesn’t open the welcome email, I want to send folllowup email.

But as you can see in the screenshot, we can’t trigger the template email’s activity. We can only trigger the campaign email’s activity.

How can I do this?

Hi @nanoo , thanks for posting on this community!

I’m not sure I get what you mean by: « we can’t trigger the template email’s activity »: on my side, when I click on the « If / Else » condition, I have the possibility to click on « Transactional email activity », see this screenshot:

Is it something you don’t see?

I don’t have transactional email. I only want to trigger with the Welcome Email’s Opened, Click Activities.
Or do you mean I can only use the Transactional Email’s Activity?
Please see the image for clarification.

My suggestion would be:

  1. send the welcome email
  2. wait 48h
  3. and then, check if user has clicked it:
    To achieve this:
  • add an If/Else condition

  • choose « Transactional email activity »

  • choose « Clicked » and choose the right template: in your case, it would not be « Test on mobile » of course, it would be « Welcome email »

  • at the end, it should look like this: