Users with different email addresses identified as the same contact

I know that website visitors are identified first of all by the cookie that the tracker puts on them and probably also by their IP address. The problem with marketplaces is that users can register multiple times with different email addresses from the same computer and probably also from the same browser. In such a case, the new user is identified in Brevo as the first user even though he provided a different email address and instead of creating a new contact in Brevo, the new user’s first & last name are updated in the existing contact. How can I avoid this confusion?

someone can help here??

Hi @Nataf ,

I’m afraid to not see any trivial solutions to this problem: how could we differentiate the users then?

by their ID (email)? I mean, it’s great to identify visitors by a cookie, but not so great for registered users that already passed their email (logged in or registered) because that cookie prevents from contacts to be identified by their email and by that Brevo doesn’t create a new contact even if their email is totally different. the one thing it does is to update only their attributes from the registration/login events. BTH, it works fine only when I’m logging in with a different browser or incognito but i can’t expect my website users to do that, right? I had a thought to create a condition in my website that clears that cookie once the user log out, but when I tried it by clearing cookies on the browser it took to brevo a lot of actions in the website to identify the new contact.

Are you using a specific plugin?
Indeed, if a few different users are using the same browser, the same IP but not the same email address, it’s a bit difficult for us

I’m using GTM integrated with my .net website

Ok thanks, so no specific plugin to use Brevo with, right?

I think that the same IP and same browser but not for the same user is difficult for us to untwist