When are email recipient filters applied exactly?

Hello, quick question regarding email campaigns:

Are recipient filter conditions evaluated and applied freshly and automatically (again) on the time that an email campaign is sent?
Or is the evaluation only done once, at the time when a campaign is being created and saved/scheduled?

Background: I would like to create several follow-up email campaigns in one batch and schedule & forget them. This would rely on a correct filter application at the time they are actually sent. Now I don’t know if I can do this, or whether I need to wait to manually apply the condition and send the email then.

Help appreciated!

Hi @Erento , thanks for posting on this community!

To be sure I get it well: by « filter conditions » do you mean:

Does this reply to your question?

@ahudavert Thanks for your reply. To be more specific, here an example:

I have 2 email campaigns: The 1st one was sent today, the 2nd one I want to schedule for next week, with the condition to send it only to those recpients of the 1st email, who also clicked a link in the 1st email.

Now my question: Can I set up and schedule both campaigns at once / will the system check the 2nd email condition « clicked a link » shortly before actually sending it as scheduled, automatically?

Or do I need to manually wait the time until I want to send the 2nd email, to then manually apply the condition, in order to respect all interactions that happened in the timeframe between the 1st and the 2nd email?

I hope my question is more clear now.

Yes very clear!

What I would advise you to do:

  • create a segment with the conditions you want to apply
  • then create an automation :
    • starting point: the segment you created above, and choose to check it on a given date
    • action: send an email

This way: the filter will be checked at your desired date, and the email will be sent right away. Does this fit your need?

How to set up a segment and use is as a starting point is described here: Setup automation for weekly newsletter

Thank you. So if I understand correctly, an automation is the only workaround to guarantee, that the interaction condition regarding the 1st email is met in the 2nd email, when it’s getting sent.

Absolutely. If you need the condition to be verified at the time of the sending, I suggest to use an automation, that’s correct.